Links to some commonly used Safety Data Sheets.  Checklists for Site Visits and Guidance Documents from WorkSafe.

Lots of handy stuff all in one place!!

For more detailed information on the substances you hold at site search the EPA Databases for the full control documents related to your substances.


Safety Data Sheets

Here are some of the more common SDS, we provide these as an informational resource only.

Templates, Forms & Guidance Docs

New HSL Notification, Refusal to issue notification, WorkSafe ERP Templates and Guidance documents.  Application forms etc.

Link to the Regulations

Click here to see the full Heath and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Act 2017 on NZ Legislation.

Templates, Forms & Guidance Docs

You can download the WorkSafe ERP Template to use for your site, or order a hard copy ERP Flipchart here. Some WorkSafe forms and guidance documents are provided below.  More detailed information on completing these is available on WorkSafe’s Website

As of the 1st December 2019 it became a requirement for a Location Compliance Certificate to be issued for certain Class 6 (toxic) and Class 8 (corrosive) substances.  Guidence on these requirements and policy clarification around these regulations has been provided by WorkSafe.  Policy Clarification – Storing Class 6 and 8 substances and Guidance – Storing Class 6 and 8 substances.

Contact us to discuss these requirements and to make an appointment for a Site Assessment.

Safety Data Sheets

Some Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are provided here for commonly used substances. While all effort is made to ensure they are up to date they might not be the most recent version.  You may need to contact the supplier or manufacturer of your substance to get it.  Most suppliers have SDS available on their website.

It is the responsibility of a PCBU to ensure that SDS are available at any place where Hazardous Substances are stored, used or manufactured. Providing compliant and up to date SDS is a requirement for any supplier of hazardous substances.  SDS can be available electronically and must be available to any Emergency Service Workers who attend your site in an emergency.

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