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Does your business need to comply with the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations?  Our pratical approach makes workplace compliance straightforward and ensures you, your business and your workers are safe!

And to make sure you remain compliant, all our clients get access to our Certificate Reminder system which includes customised checklists tailored to your site!

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Order a site plan

We have two site plan designers able to draw compliant plans.  Prices vary depending on complexity and substances at site.

ERP Emergency Response Plans

Click here for information on Emergency Response Plans or to purchase an ERP Flipchart.

Regulation 4.5 - Worker Training

Certified Handler, Regulation 4.5 and Approved Filler – LPGA, Site Trainer, Air, SCUBA, BA, Refrigerant Gases and Compressed Gases.

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What we do…

We think every worker in NZ has a right to go home from work at the end of the day and not suffer any harm due to exposure to chemicals used in the workplace. As Compliance Certifiers we are passionate about Health and Safety.

To achieve this we work alongside business owners and PCBU’s who use and store Hazardous Substances. We listen to clients so they get what they really need.  We deliver to a well-controlled program so our clients get their certification on time and cost effectively.

We communicate clearly with our clients so they are confident that they meet their regulatory requirements


We train Hazardous Substance Certified Handlers to National Standards so that Employers and Workers can feel confident they completely meet (and exceed) legislative requirements.  We train fillers of compressed gas cylinders as Approved Fillers including SCUBA/BA.

We collaborate with other Compliance Certifiers and a network of established and experienced Training organisations to make sure you get the best resources to manage the Health and Safety of your business and your employees.

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Get to know our friendly team…

With over 18 years experience in HSNO and HSW (HS) Act compliance we are the right team to ensure your Workplace meets it obligations under the Act and Regulations.

We can help with advice and guidance on how to meet your Compliance Certification Requirements.

Our systems, processes and ongoing, friendly communication make the sometimes complicated compliance process as easy as possible. Give us a call anytime!

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