Site Assessment Information

Moving to Level 2 is not quite back to normal!  So to maintain physical distancing requirements we will still be carrying out “Contactless Site Assessments” where possible.  For more information see the advice from WorkSafe which is being updated as the Levels change. 

Click here to read the WorkSafe update.  And see below for more information on Covid-19 processes for KM Compliance workers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please phone us on 03 477 5996.

Covid-19 Site Assessments

Certification of Hazardous Substances at Workplaces is considered an Essential Service.  

WorkSafe has advised that we should continue to visit sites providing Essential Service as usual.  Now we are moving to Level 2 we will be able to visit sites that have been closed during Lockdown.  We will take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of our workers and yours!  Where possible site assessments will continue to be “Contactless”.  We have our Covid-19 Policy in place for Compliance Certifier’s/Site Assessors – click here to view. 

We are still having a bit of trouble with regional travel being restricted under Level 3.  If it was possible for us to get to your stie during Level 4/3, we will have visited, but we are now working through a backlog and are under pressure from sites reopening.  We are working through this backlog as fast as we can.   

In some situations it just may not be possible for us to visit your site.  In this case we could issue a 3 month Conditional Certificate, this is at the discretion of the Compliance Certifier and each site will be assessed to ensure they meet the criteria for this.  The criteria are listed in the WorkSafe update.  We will contact you to discuss your site assessment or you can fill in the form below.

Please answer a few questions below so we can efficiently and safely complete your site assessment.

  • 1. Contact Details

  • Last 5 digits from Certificate - after 100143-000
    Please use a number we can contact you on if we are at site and run into any issues.

  • 2. Level 4 Lockdown Status

  • You can choose to leave your site assessment till after the Lockdown has been lifted if you are closed. If you chose to let your certificate expire there could be delays in getting to your site once the Lockdown is lifted. Where possible we would prefer to visit your sites as normal.

  • 3. Extra PPE?

  • All our Site Assessors will wear Gloves, Glasses and a face mask. They have all been issued with hand sanitiser to use before and after every site visit. Please let us know if your site requires any extra PPE.

  • 4. Contactless Site Assessment

  • We will let you know what day we will be arriving via our reminder system.
    • We will give you a wave through the window or phone you when we have arrived at site if this is required.
    • We will carry out the assessment as per normal. If we need keys please have these somewhere we can pick them up - or have DG stores unlocked for us.
    • Any paperwork needed such as Emergency Exercise's etc can be followed up by email after the site assessment.
    • If required we will phone you when we leave.

Next Step: Please refer to the inspection checklist and document resources on the Resources page of this site.  You may need some or all of these documents before we can issue your certificate.

We will be in touch with a date for the site assessment soon.