Apply for Compliance Certificate – New Client

If you are a New Client to us please fill in the form below to make sure we have all the required details to enable us to issue a certificate for your site.

If you prefer to phone us, call us on 03 477 5996

Apply for a Compliance Certificate

If you prefer you can download a PDF of this form here and email it to us by clicking Email Paperwork.  

Certificates can be delayed because we don’t have all the details we need to be able to issue your certificate. Even if we have visited your site previously we are required to check all documentation is available and is up to date every year. Please fill in the form below so we can get your certificate processed efficiently.

Any questions or if unsure what to answer please give us a call.

  • 1. Company Details

  • 2. Substances at site - Inventory

  • All sites storing Hazardous Substances are required to have an Inventory. The inventory must list ALL hazardous substances at site even if they don’t trigger a location such as diesel storage. We need an inventory so we can assess it to tell you what certification is required for your site. Please complete an inventory using one of the options listed below and send this to us. WorkSafe Hazardous Substance Toolbox – online inventory calculator tool or use the excel template available.

    These requirements come in Dec 2019.

  • 3. Site Hazards

  • 4. Previous Compliance History

    If yes, attach copies of all previously issued certificates.
    Site must be notified 5 days prior to commissioning for LPG and 30 days prior to commissioning for everything else.
    Please send a copy of the Notification Document or the email receipt from WorkSafe.
    If yes, please send a copy of the compliance plan or separation distance waiver.

  • 5. PCBU/Officer/Manager

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Next Step: Please refer to the inspection checklist and document resources on our website you will need some or all of these documents before we can issue your certificate. We will be in touch with a date for the site visit once we have reviewed this application form. Once in our system you will receive an email prior to your expiry date each year with a customised checklist listing the paperwork we will need along with fortnightly reminders. Once the trip has been scheduled you will receive an email advising of when we will be visiting.